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Ban Animal Gas Chambers

Ban Animal Gas Chambers

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We Will End Gassing in North Carolina

Our main purpose is to end gassing as an legal and acceptable form of euthanasia in animal shelters in N.C. and every other state.  It is inhumane by any standards. It was wring when the Nazis did it and it is wrong today. We  also ask all pounds to end the use of  the “Heart Stick” procedure,  unless deemed absolutely medically necessary. This is crude and barbaric way to end an animals live.

There are many people trying to make this happen in NC.

Craven County Billboard

Craven County Billboard

People need to know and they have to to speak out to end this.


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We have to be active politically and make it an “issue ” in elections. Author and animal lover,  Julie Lewin, wrote a good book called “Getting Political For the Animals” .  I suggest it as a primer for politics to anyone who wants to make changes. WE have to make this an issue in every election. Let the lawmakers try to defend this slaughter that is not working.

Working together, united, with one goal, we will make the North Carolina shelters a “gas free” zone. Working together is the only way we will really be able to make real progress.


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