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Comforts for Critters

Comforts for Critters

“Comforts for Critters” is made up of a group of volunteers who collect blankets from hotels, hospitals, nursing homes , and similar facilities and donate them to animal shelters. The linen companies and hotels who throw this stuff away every month are happy to have the tax deduction. We can show you how to pick them up on a predetermined time and drop them off to our local county shelters.  We used to try to help and shipped blankets and towels to shelters in other states. That was not cost effective.  The answer is local supplies for everyone. We do not spend donations on freight for used linens.  we show everyoe how to get them with some effort . It takes  a few phone calls and a couple personal visits. It works !

Remember how much the doggies and kitties need us and need blankets…please, contact your local shelters and see if they would allow “floor comforts” then contact your local hotels, motels, inns, hospitals, ..anyone you can think of the uses towels/blankets…and ask them to donate. They get the tax write off that the animals get off that cold cold floor!!!

The members and supporters of “Project Pets,” along with some wonderful volunteers, a re working to find hotels such as Comfort Suites, Embassy Suites, Holiday Inn, La Quinta, to participate in our “Comforts for Critters” programs. Our volunteers will pick up any used, torn or worn linens, blankets and towels that hotels normally throw away. We deliver them directly to the shelters or local animal rescues, who are always in need of clean linens. Hotels who participate can deduct the donated linens and the animals benefit directly. Every hotel who calls itself “Pet Friendly ” should be anxious to participate.

These hotels will be publicly recognized.  Pet owners want to know which businesses to support!

Of course, the hotels do not have to wait. They can donate these used linens to their local shelters now. All they need is a volunteer to drive them to the shelter. Please make sure to let us know if you have a hotel who donates anything to the shelters, send us photo’s and a short story, along with their contact info and the name of their local newspaper, so we know what they did.

CFC  Hooper


    Hooper is our Mascot Furever .

She personally watched over a load of comforters, blankets and towels her mom Lisa Begin-Kruysman collected for a senior citizens home on the Jersey Shore.  Hoops is watching from the other side of  the rainbow bridge but she is always with us in ever delivery made.

This is a “Win – Win” for the humans and the animals. We appreciate the support of the business community in our effort to make shelter life a little more bearable for homeless animals. Thanks to our wonderful volunteers, Project Pets has been able to send blankets to shelters in many states over the past few months. This made shelter life a little better for those animals.

We are always looking for people who will take a little time and deliver these linens to the shelters. Occasionally, we have emergency situations requiring that the blankets be shipped to specific shelters. Project Pets will pay for the shipping if that volunteer requests help. For all questions and more info, please contact us:

Visit our Facebook Page.

Please help us make a difference to the ones who can not speak for themselves !