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Shelter Revolution

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Most see shelters as they are and ask, ‘Why?’
We dream things that never were and ask, ‘Why Not?’

SHELTER REVOLUTION’s goal is to introduce a whole new community approach to sheltering and to change how America defines “sheltering.” Today’s model is a failure. It needs replacing, not reforming.

We provide the means by which competing efforts like humane societies, government pounds and rescue groups can work together by sharing resources.

We also redefine what the term “sheltering” means. Today’s facilities are prisons. Our Adoption Center model replaces today’s prison system with true marketing centers. This will finally make it fun and life changing to visit the facility. It creates a calm, enjoyable atmosphere in a “touch and feel” setting. Dogs and cats are SOCIAL animals, not meant to be isolated as they are in all American shelters, whether private or municipal, open- or selective-admission.

Rehab is the underlying principle that will make this new concept in marketing work effectively. This is a brand new concept which challenges today’s industry thinking on training and behavior modification. With “Rehab”, dogs and cats not ready for adoption are sent into the care of local rehabbers to prepare them for return to the Adoption Center and placement. The process of rehab will bring local rescuers and shelter workers together.

Together with spaying and neutering and the closing of commercial breeders, the Adoption Center model will end our nation’s genocide of dogs and cats. We envision a time when a community’s Adoption Center will not be able to meet the demand for animals!

What is Shelter Revolution?

  • Shelter Revolution is a marketing campaign for promoting our innovative Adoption Center model. This new model paves the way to a new and exciting future. We are about SAVING LIVES – so much more than just ‘not killing.’
  • This is not about shelter reform. Our Adoption Center model is a whole new concept. We are trying to reach animal lovers and the few shelter managers willing to look “outside the box” for solutions. We at Shelter Revolution want to end, not reduce, the needless deaths of millions and millions of beautiful animals every year. Bringing this chapter of US history to a close requires a bold new path.
  • Our goal is to turn the facility itself into a lively marketing tool. We must move from today’s isolation model to our “interactive” marketing model – isolation and control must go. It is our desire to assist any community leaders willing to move beyond the model they have inherited. Fear of the unknown is what holds back the progressive managers.

Our Adoption Center model is the next step in the industry’s direction. It is evolutionary and builds on progress to date. Think of the Adoption Center model as a combination of the industry’s few “best practices” and several revolutionary solutions. We are leading the industry in a new direction.
Shelter Revolution’s mission is to change how America defines “sheltering.” Today’s model is a failure. It needs replacing, not reforming. This is a new way. We are not demanding compliance from the shelter industry. We ask them to change voluntarily.
Shelters are run by people who are not skilled animal handlers. It should be no surprise then that the industry is led by people who cannot think “outside the box,” for the box is all they know.
The solution is called the Adoption Center model. Read about it at and please pass the word. Millions of animals’ lives depend on it. We cannot adopt our way out of this murderous genocide, but this will move us much closer to the end of the killing.
The Adoption Center model appeals to what Abraham Lincoln referred to as “the better angels of our nature.” We believe people’s caring nature can best be highlighted by providing a better way for the future. This attitude starts right here…

(Note: none of our posted videos contain graphic violence. Our intent is not to offend or shock but to simply portray the current situation in the shelter industry and where we are trying to lead this antiquated industry)

This is not a look back in history – this is the current “state of the art” sheltering in America. Dismal, isn’t it? Watch parts 2 and 3 as we look into the future of what could be.

These “boutique shelters” are little more than jazzed up animal prisons. They’re still about isolation and control. They divide customer from “product.” That is just plain bad marketing. Animals are to be experienced, not touched or looked at. These fancy facilities, while nicer to look at, are incredibly expensive to build and maintain. Move to our Adoption Center model: it’s better for the customer, better for the animals, and fits in better with today’s failed economy.

This is the future of animal ‘sheltering.’ The Adoption Center model is based on respect for animals and a greater trust in them. This new concept focuses on displaying their best traits, not “controlling” them. Social animals in a social setting.
These new facilities are designed from the animals’ perspective, not the humans’. Quiet rooms for living, play rooms and outdoor areas for play and exercise. Visitors mingle quietly with healthy, well adjusted dogs and cats. Reactive dogs and cats, not yet ready for group life, are sent into trained rehab. Once their “psychotherapy” is finished, the dogs and cats are returned to the Adoption Center for placement.
The solution is simple. Changing attitudes is not…
This is a call for change in the shelter industry. We have to move beyond today’s failed prison facilities. We must begin to employ effective marketing strategies, starting with the facility itself.
A key element is to treat our companion animals like the SOCIAL beings they are.