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Clinics for feral and domestic cats

Clinics for feral and domestic cats

This is one of several clinics that Project Pets participated in last year. One this day, thanks to our donors, we spayed six female cats.  This was the end of their making homeless babies. Just imagine how many kittens they could have added to the pet overpopulation.  Over the past year , we have changed the way we are working in the community. We  have focused on animals with owners here in N.C. .There are so many who are not neutered. Now, we are helping these owners learn why they need to neuter their pets and we help them to get it done right.  Working with good vets like “Sheets Pet Clinic” in Greensboro, allows us to help neuter  6-10 animals a week. Many people want to do the right thing but can not afford what their vet is charging for this 10 minute procedure. Our discounts help to get many more animals spayed or neutered. It is our hope that every pet is neutered. We need more owners. not dogs or cats.
FBAR graphic overpopulation


Cats in cages ready for SN       Willow  was one of our clients


Some of the cats at the clinics we participate in are feral. Some of them have good homes. All of them need our help !

Thanks to our supporters, we are able to neuter these animals and allow them to have a healthier, happier life.

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