Project Pets
About Project Pets

About Project Pets

FBAR_Not_just_rabbits_2012We CAN lower the homeless pet population and save millions of lives with effective Spay & Neuter programs. Project Pets helps owners do the right thing.

Project Pet’s mission is to reduce the number of pets ending up in kill shelters by promoting owner responsibility and offering very low cost or free spay/neuter.  We also help assist rescues and work with local shelters.

Company Overview
Project Pets: Spay, Neuter, Love is a 501C-3 Non Profit dedicated to helping lower the homeless pet population. Project Pets helps owners be more responsible so that their pets live healthier. Lack of funding should not stop people caring for their companion animals. Project Pets depends totally on your donations. We are all volunteers. Every nickel goes to help the animals.


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SPAY & NEUTER is part of the solution! Responsible owners must do their part. It keeps the animals healthier.   It greatly reduces the risk of many cancers . The animals live longer and happier lives. Spaying or neutering  are essential in slowing the growth of the homeless population. We simply cannot rescue and adopt our way out of this mess.

General Information
Project Pets uses tax deductible donations to pay for Spay and Neuter procedures, and occasionally medications associated with these procedures.  We provide this service for people who are not able to pay the fees themselves, and for those who can afford to pay a discounted price. Many want to do the right thing for their pets. In return, we ask for one hour of their time as a volunteer. We also assist people  with other animal related issues by referring them to some of our partners. The Humane Alliance in Asheville, NC. is am amazing group of  animal lovers. They have a mobile surgery center and many medical facilities that are not available elsewhere.  We support their work any way we can.

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