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“HOLLY”  was a 2 year old Beagle, used for breeding when she  was found on Jan.2, 2013. We saw she walking down the grass median of Rt.1  in S.C.,  early in the evening. Cars were zipping by her and she was looking to the other side of the street.  we got out and called her and she started to come and then laid on the ground. I went over to her and took a look. She had not been hit by a car, yet.  Even though she was very skinny, we could tell that she had recently had a litter, but we could not find any puppies out there.  She was alone.  We stopped at several homes along the road but no  one would answer the doors. Our guess is she was dumped after someone sold those pups at Christmas time.   Holly was very gentle and scared dog.  She was friendly with dogs, (I have 2 ) , and people.  Although Holly was underweight and full of worms, she was otherwise healthy.   We kept her a few nights at our home until a great foster home opened up at a small foster group called “The Missing Link”. A wonderful woman, Amy Weisenfeld , cared for the girl she called “Jolly Holly” , making sure she ate well, got plenty of exercise, and most of all, lots of love and affection.

The donors for Project Pets-SNL covered the cost of her medical bills, got rid of all the worms and and made sure that she was spayed ASAP. We clipped her nails and cleaned her teeth.   This girl will never have to worry about having babies again.  She gained 3 lbs. in only 2 weeks with Amy.   I went to the Office Depot and had these fliers made:


A nice young man working at Office Depot called the next day and asked if they could meet her.  Their initial meeting and a great home visit, with Holly,  let me know they would be great caretakers for Holly.   They remain in touch today, sending us photo’s and telling us stories.  They renamed her Delilah and spoil this girl the best they can.  She could not be loved more !  The photo’s at the bottom of this page were sent to us after she had been adopted for 4 months. Look at the change !


Taking photo's of this skinny girl was the beginning of finding her a good home.

Taking photo’s of this skinny girl was the beginning of finding her a good home.



Holly AKA Delilah, is one of the best rescue stories we could imagine.  She certainly would have been killed by a car that night if she tried to cross that road. She  had no food or water.   Tonight, she is in a loving home, with 2 committed humans loving her every minute.  Stay tuned for more photo’s.  This girls story is still being written.                                                                                                                                       Holly, now  Delilah, 4 months later




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